This morning’s fog reminded me of Sister Linda from McAuley Residence.

She taught me how to clean my little apartment … a foot at a time.

I was about 6 months sober and I would get really overwhelmed at the mess I would let my apartment get in to – not paying attention to my surroundings. (and honestly not understanding how much my external space could impact my internal serenity)

She taught me to start in the kitchen, start in a space the length of my arm and clean that thoroughly. Then step left and do it again .. there were a few other pieces to it but, for a couple of decades I could only clean my house by starting in the kitchen a foot at a time.

The funny thing about fog is looking at it from afar doesn’t provide any visibility of what’s in there but as I walk into it, I can see right in front of me – sometimes that’s only a foot – but I can see.

I was reminded to do what’s right in front of me.

Grateful for the fog … and Sister Linda.