Journey’s Job Board Announcement

COMING MAY 16, 2022

As a media company devoted to making recovery visible, we saw a opportunity to lower a barrier for job seekers without lowering the bar for employers.   

We saw many of our readers – from the recovery community and recovery allies – eager for a job and we saw businesses desperately trying to fill positions. 

So … we wanted to help these groups see each other and set out to build a stigma-free job board — lowering just one barrier for those wanting to get to work. 

A job board where:

  • employers who are excited to be part of a person’s new beginning can recruit 
  • job seekers, who, for whatever reason, need to take a deep breath before submitting their resume on the large job sites, can feel at ease when applying for jobs 

Do you want to be a part of our job board?

Fill out the form and we’ll make sure we reach out to you when we launch, May 16th!

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