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PRCC celebrates a decade of helping

There was already momentum when recovery community centers (RCCs) burst onto the national scene as part of a “new recovery movement” in America.

When the first peer RCC opened in Connecticut in 2004, a passionate group of activists were simultaneously working to bring RCCs to Maine. Envisioned as places where recovery can be nurtured and sustained, RCCs “bring recovery to Main Street” and by making recovery visible, carry the message of hope to the larger community.

Portland Recovery Community Center (PRCC) is celebrating its tenth anniversary in September with the grand opening of its new building that serves as a place for a growing recovery community, locally and statewide.

Ten years ago, the landscape in Maine was very different. The opioid epidemic was taking hold, and while strong 12-Step programs existed, there was only one RCC in Maine, the Bangor Area Recovery Network (BARN). Recognizing that people need a safe and caring space to explore options for recovery, PRCC set out to make multiple pathways of recovery more accessible to more people.

Deb Dettor, who played a key role in starting PRCC said, “The idea was that anyone could walk into the center and meet people like themselves, who were taking the hard steps to recover from addiction. They would find community support and a vast array of coaching, groups and activities to help them be successful, free of charge.”

PRCC began as a pilot project and five years later became an independent nonprofit, led primarily by people in recovery from substance use disorder.

Today, PRCC has over 2,500 active members attending more than 50 groups and activities weekly as well as volunteering in all the center’s operations and programming.

In 2018, with funding from the Office of Behavioral Health at DHHS, PRCC became Maine’s Recovery Hub to help start and coordinate the work of new RCCs throughout the state. Today, there are 17 RCCs across Maine and more in development.

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of RCCs in helping people find and sustain long-term recovery.

PRCC, along with all of Maine’s RCCs, is proud to serve on the leading edge of the recovery movement.

We look forward to the next decade of helping recovery live, grow and thrive in Maine.

Journey Team
Journey Team
The Journey Team is made up of writers, gatherers, creators and people with a passion to make recovery from addiction visible.

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