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A Common Co-Existence

Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorder Mental illness and substance use disorder often co-exist. It’s not always easy to determine which came first, but both...

Taking Care of Your Wellness in Recovery

When it comes to mental wellness for people in recovery, many of us still believe in the mistaken cause and effect that recovery must...

Know Your Rights: Good Samaritan Law in Maine

Learn more about the new Good Samaritan Law in Maine Anyone may come across a person who is or seems to be overdosing. Most people would...

Financial Recovery – Gauging Your Financial Health

Turn on the news and all you hear about is two things: Covid 19 and the economy. I’m no doctor, so you will never hear...

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PechaKucha Presentation Portland Chapter

PechaKucha (PK) Presentation - Portland Chapter Founder, Carolyn Delaney, presented "Changed People" PechaKucha style Click here to view on youtube A PK presentation is a style...

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