we share personal stories because visible recovery from addiction saves lives

as a multi-media publishing company we’re devoted to amplifying this message

recovery in action

Joining you in celebrating the strength, resiliency and power of
individual and community recovery stories!

Together we can change the conversation around addiction!

launched in 2019 creating ripples of recovery stories


as a company made up of people in recovery and recovery allies –
we’re fiercely devoted to using every means available
to amplify a message of hope that
we can and do recover to lead lives free from addiction

Artist Rapid Response Team

shining a light on the good!

writing stories about the things being done in our communities to support those seeking or in recovery and their loved ones

personal recovery stories

sharing your story, your way

providing you with a way to share your experience, strength and hope in a way that works for you – written, audio, video, artwork, poems, etc.

your story, your words, your way

recovery allies

looking for the helpers!

shining a light on the recovery allies – they come from all walks of life and share a desire to support people in recovery

recovery program options

highlighting the many recovery programs

providing information about the variety of recovery programs – we wholeheartedly believe that whatever works for you is what’s best for you

wellness in recovery

providing (we)llness articles

providing accessible, practical articles to take care of the humans we get to be – the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being

daily recovery blog

this recovery life ... on a daily basis

daily blog from journey readers and team members on life in recovery … today

Join us to change the conversation about addiction!

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