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We Have Superpowers!

Harnessed superpowers aid in community transformations Did you know that we all have superpowers? It’s true! But sometimes we don’t know how to turn them...

People in recovery and plants

With proper care, they both flourish and grow At times, they get rootbound, a consequence of not having enough room to grow and change is...

Making the Most of Get Well Job

Get Well Jobs can play an important role when you begin the recovery process and are in “starting life over” mode. A Get Well Job...

How You Can Boost Your Self Confidence by Learning New Skills

For many people, improvements in confidence and self-esteem come directly from learning. As we learn, as we succeed and even as we fail, we...

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PechaKucha Presentation Portland Chapter

PechaKucha (PK) Presentation - Portland Chapter Founder, Carolyn Delaney, presented "Changed People" PechaKucha style Click here to view on youtube A PK presentation is a style...

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