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3 Self-Care Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season

Issue 24

Reduce stress and protect your recovery progress with tips from Groups

If you’re in recovery this holiday season, you may face people and places that trigger stress and cravings.

To prepare and stay safe into the new year, use these self-care tips from Groups Recover Together.

1) Use a self-care checklist

Keep yourself accountable for selfcare practices with the checklist below. Remember, your self-care practices won’t be the same as others. The team at Groups recommends focusing on activities that recharge your batteries the most.

• Take care of your hygiene

• Take care of your mental health

• Follow a sleep schedule

• Balance alone time and time with others

• Stay active

• Reach out to a supportive friend

2) Build a self-soothe box

Overcome stress with items that ground and center you. For portable relaxation, build a self- soothe box: a small collection of comforting things that you can carry with you. Try to address all five senses.

• Sight: Pictures of loved ones or a trip souvenir

• Sound: A music box or a favorite song

• Smell: A relaxing candle, perfume, or flower petals

• Taste: A favorite candy or snack

• Touch: Stress balls, putty, or soft and smooth fabric

3) Set your boundaries

When it comes to holiday stress about money, time, or difficult family members, firm boundaries help stop negative thoughts that lead to cravings and lapses.

Have boundaries for:

• What conversations you won’t engage in

• How long you’re willing to be with people

• How much money you’ll spend

• What activities you won’t participate in

Remember: boundaries are essential to staying well. It may be uncomfortable to leave situations, but you’re doing it to reach your recovery goals, not to hurt others. Call a friend who is willing to support the boundaries you need.

Don’t let holiday triggers threaten your recovery progress. Get the holiday help you need with Groups: (888) 391-5978 or https://tinyurl.com/2p8ma55r.


Dave Kostos
Dave Kostos
Dave Kostos is a writer, editor, storyteller, and the Senior Manager of Content at Groups Recover Together. In this role, he helps people around the country find lasting recovery from substance use disorders. Learn how Groups is helping thousands get their lives back from drugs at joingroups.com.

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