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8 Big Ways to Nourish And Nurture Your Body Through Food

Issue 32

In partnership with Hannaford Supermarkets

by Allison Stowell

When you think about eating right, do you think of diet first? How about nourishment or self-care?

While it’s true that picking healthy foods is important for our goals, it’s also a way to nurture ourselves. Here are eight simple ways to do just that.

  1. Add a Splash of Color: It sounds simple, but we eat with our eyes first, so give them something to be excited about. When we add color, not only does this make our meals look inviting, but it also packs them with vitamins and antioxidants our bodies love.
  2. Listen to Your Hunger: Food does amazing things for us, from giving us energy to helping us avoid chronic illness. Food, however, cannot fix our problems, help us manage a difficult day, or fill our time. Eating when we are really hungry means we are listening to what our body needs, nothing less.
  3. Connection Through Food: Sharing recipes, cooking, and eating with others can be a special time. Each week, try to make mealtime a chance to connect with loved ones. We all benefit from sitting a bit longer, sharing more, and from moments of nurturing ourselves. Looking for new recipes to try? Click here.
  4. Keep it Fun: Preparing food should be enjoyable, not a chore. There’s no reason to make it complicated yet every reason to make it fun and worthwhile. Try something new, experiment with flavors, and create meals that suit your taste.
  5. Simplify Meal Prep: Planning meals should make life easier, not more stressful. Aim for simplicity in meal prep that doesn’t cut into your relaxation time. A little planning goes a long way in nurturing yourself through a busy week. If you find that food prep is cutting into your down time, maybe another approach should be considered. 

    Looking for new meal plan ideas? Hannaford has you covered with this free online event. Click here for more information.

  6. Support Your Community: When we buy from local growers, visit farmers’ markets, and support local food companies, we’re acknowledging that food is not just about caring for ourselves, but also about caring for our community and environment.
  1. Pick Mood-Boosting Foods: Certain foods, such as seafood, berries, whole grains, and nuts can make you feel better. Including these in your diet can be part of taking good care of your mental health.
  2. Focus on Nutrient-Rich Foods: Aim for nutrient-dense foods that satisfy and also truly nourish. Use a tool, such as the Guiding Stars nutrition guidance program, to help you easily find nutritious foods and recipes that align with what your body needs to support a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, food is more than just fuel. It is a way to take care of yourself, connect with others, and bring joy into your day. As you continue on your journey, let these tips inspire you to make choices that nurture not only your body but also your spirit. We are grateful for the chance to share in your story of growth and recovery.

Here’s to finding joy and health in every bite.

Allison Stowell
Allison Stowellhttp://www.Hannaford.com/dietitians
Allison Stowell MS RD CDN serves as a dietitian for Hannaford Supermarket. The Hannaford Dietitian team offers free online classes, in-store tours, and more for the communities it serves. Visit Hannaford.com/dietitians for more information.

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