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Alison Webb

Alison is a recovery ally, advocate, author, and public health professional and she does everything she can in her personal and professional life to support people in recovery. As an author and advocate, Alison focuses on issues related to recovery from addiction and harm reduction. She is a trained Recovery Coach (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) and a trained Recovery Ambassador (Faces and Voices of Recovery). She is President of the Maine Association of Recovery Residences and a member of the Virginia Recovery Advocacy Project. She lives and writes in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her book, Recovery Alliies: How to Support Addiction Recovery and Build Recovery Friendly Communities, will be published by North Atlantic Books in September 2022. Her book highlights stories of people in recovery to introduce strategies that community members can use to support family, friends and neighbors in recovery. The book takes a public health approach to recovery support and uses in depth interviews with people in recovery, researchers, and advocates in towns and cities in the US to define recovery and provide community actions and public health interventions based on the four pillars of recovery (Home, Health, Purpose, Community). Recovery Allies shows readers that recovery is possible, there is hope for people with addiction, and we all have a part in helping to sustain recovery.

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