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Brave the Unknown With Spirit

Issue 18

I look at myself in the mirror, stare deep into my eyes, and tell myself, “I can do this. I trust this next step and have faith that Source will guide me.”

I’ve reinvented myself so many times that I feel like I’ve lived multiple lives. Some chapters have been dark but I’m grateful for the lessons, strength, and resilience they gave me.

When in doubt, I get back to my breath and use it to center myself. Just like my body takes in oxygen, transforms it into energy, and expels what it doesn’t need, I use my breath to ground myself, connect with spirit, and propel myself forward.

The fact that I am here today, willing to learn, grow and change is cause to celebrate!

When I feel a storm brewing and I’m navigating uncharted territory, I allow myself to dream and wonder, “Where could this change be leading me?” I channel my inner explorer and open myself to new horizons. Transitions are like great adventures and I decide who is the hero in my story.

I know I can rely on my practice to help me sail through any impasse. All I need is the courage to brave the unknown, the willingness and curiosity to look beyond familiarity. There is magic in exploring all possibilities…some may happily surprise me.

I feel the winds of change calling. I turn to face it, feeling the breeze on my face, and take a deep breath. I hear a song playing in my heart, the notes of inspiration have a positive intonation that fills me with joy. Its energy is hopeful and uplifting. I embrace it with joy. From my 20 years living on a sailboat, I came up with S.A.I.L., a practice that helps me navigate change. Perhaps it will help you to take one step towards the future.

S.A.I.L.™ through change with ease and grace

Early morning journaling exercises (or following meditation). Time yourself and write 5 minutes for each question. If nothing comes up, write “nothing comes up” until something does. It is part of the process. Allow whatever feelings, thoughts, or emotions to express themselves. Once uncluttered, inner intuition and wisdom will arise.

1. Simplify to clarify. I declutter my mind to get a clear picture of my goals and vision.

  • Where do I feel stuck or face obstacles?
  • What are my greatest skills?

2. Align to purpose. I spend time in self-reflection learning what brings me true joy.

  • What do I want?
  • Is this aligned with my goals?

3. Integrate tools, support groups, steps, in your daily life. Discipline and consistency help me achieve my goals even when I’m having an off day.

  • What daily practices or actions have I established to support my goals?
  • What else can I try?

4. Let Go of all that does not serve you. I forgive myself and others and make room to receive. I trust that spirit is guiding me when I’m aligned with purpose. I deserve to realize my dreams.

  • What am I ready to let go of?
Carole Fontaine’s signature program is SAIL: Simplify, Align, Integrate, Let Go (tm). She is a bestselling author, Certified Life Coach, meditative writing teacher, Shakti Dance® yoga instructor, and Reiki Master Teacher. She manages Journey’s social media.

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