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Discovery Recovery with Choices

Issue 28

Have you ever taken the time to consider the difference between how you choose to feel at the beginning of your day and how you choose to feel at the end of your day?

We rarely remember these two moments in time; but if we were to track how we chose to feel at the beginning and end of the day, the results would likely be far different.

Why? Because we make approximately 35,000 choices every day!

From the first choice to open our eyes in the morning… to taking our first step of the day… to making a pot of coffee…to choosing what to wear… to checking our phone (all in the first 2-3 minutes of the day).

Without realizing it, we’re making choices all day, every day that may or may not have consequences to others, but that will naturally affect how our day unfolds.

It’s your choice.

That’s what I love about my EFT Tapping practice. It’s always there, it’s not going anywhere. If I need EFT for support to release stress or tension from my body, it’s on duty 24/7.

The key that unlocks the door to emotional freedom is the choice to call upon EFT Tapping in the moment.

Alternatively, I can choose to hold onto my stress and stuff it down into my body so that no one will know that I’m stressed. They’ll know. Humans are wired to know. Body language is our first language, our native tongue is our second language.

When we stuff our emotions down into our bodies, those emotions can take up space and can interfere with the natural flow of how our bodies function. We may have made the choice to stuff our emotions because it’s all we know, or we may not be aware of any alternative and haven’t considered that we would have the power to make a difference in our own lives.

“Our choices have dimensions including emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, subconscious, preconscious, and postconscious.”

— Carolyn Mys

Support and community are crucial to all aspects of recovery and can be enhanced by learning the simple technique of EFT Tapping.

The choice to learn EFT Tapping to help lower your stress and anxiety can be just what you need to change the direction of your life; it was for me. 16 years of sciatic pain was dissolved in one EFT Tapping session. Not only did the sciatic pain subside but the release of such deep emotions felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my body and spirit. Yes, I’ve made choices that took me in directions I never dreamed possible…not all positive outcomes on the surface but each one with a gift that taught me needed life lessons.

Contact Karen St. Clair to learn EFT Tapping in private sessions, in workshop settings, or as a presenter at your next corporate function as an Accredited Certified EFT International Practitioner/ Trainer NQT, Reiki Master of Masters, International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Founder of Reiki Tap RenewalSM and a highly skilled professional with a true gift for facilitating her clients’ life-changing outcomes.

Karen St. Clair
Karen St. Clair
Karen St. Clair is an accredited certified EFT International Trainer NQT, Reiki Master of Masters, best-selling author, speaker, and founder of Reiki Tap Renewal℠ and has a gift for facilitating her clients’ life-changing outcomes.
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