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Eco-Spirituality: Discovering Faith in Nature

Issue 31

Eco-spirituality is all about understanding our connection to nature and the Earth. It’s a way of looking at the world that helps us see how everything is linked together, just like how all the pieces of a puzzle fit together.

One of the most important ideas in eco-spirituality is that nature is sacred. Nature is not just something we can use for our own needs, but a special place that we treat with respect. It’s a bit like how we might treat a church or a temple with reverence.

People who follow eco-spirituality also believe that it’s our job to take care of the environment. We can be kind to the Earth and make choices that keep it healthy and safe. We are all part of a big, interconnected web of life on this planet. It’s not just about us; it’s about all the animals, plants, and even the rocks and rivers.

Eco-spirituality encourages us to see the big picture. Instead of only thinking about ourselves, we can think about how we fit into the whole world; understanding that our actions affect the planet and all its creatures. And it’s not just about the physical world; eco-spirituality is also about how our connection to nature can be a spiritual experience. We can find a sense of wonder and spirituality in the natural world around us.

People who follow eco-spirituality try to live in a way that doesn’t harm the Earth. They use resources wisely and support technologies that are good for the environment. They also like to spend time outdoors to connect with nature, taking a break from their busy lives to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

Many eco-spiritual people like to take action to protect the environment. They might join groups, speak up for the Earth, or work to make others aware of environmental issues. They also like to celebrate the changing seasons and natural events, like the start of spring or the longest day of the year. It helps them feel more connected to the Earth’s rhythms.

Eco-spirituality teaches us that all living things are important and connected. It’s not about humans being more important than other creatures; it’s about respecting and valuing all forms of life.

This way of thinking invites us to appreciate nature, take good care of our planet, and recognize that we’re all part of a big, beautiful world that we cherish and protect.

Journey Team
Journey Team
The Journey Team is made up of writers, gatherers, creators and people with a passion to make recovery from addiction visible.

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