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Lakes Region Recovery Center

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Recovery Community Center

The Lakes Region Recovery Center is rolling out the welcome mat to anyone who would like to stop by and stay a while at its new location: 2 Elm Street in Bridgton.

LRRC offers certified recovery coaches and peer-to-peer support groups—and many other recovery support services.

Its new facility has larger meeting areas, a full-service kitchen, and new amenities.

“We’re able to offer a place to shower and warm up for folks whose power may be out, or a place for someone who is between appointments and needs a place to wait,” said Communications Specialist Aaron Smart, adding that people are welcome to come in any time they feel a need to be supported and connected. “If we’re in the middle of something, we will literally put it down to help the person,” Aaron said.

“I like to think of us as ‘resource brokers,’” said Executive Director Tracey Martin.

LRRC enjoys a robust volunteer base to help provide those resources. Trained volunteers make daily or weekly calls to members looking for a human connection.

“We want members to know we are here when they need us … some are shut in, so they get support in this way,” said Tracey.

Highlights of LRRC’s programming include:

• AcuDetox – acupuncture that can provide relief from withdrawal symptoms and other benefits, including reducing cravings and symptoms of anxiety, and improving sleep.

• Employment support, ranging from completing a job application to drafting a resume to connecting with online support to further education. “Many of our community members don’t have computers or transportation,” Tracey explained. “But, we can Zoom people into a class from our facility. One person we connected this way is now a phlebotomist.”

• One-on-one, confidential and free support for anyone who has experienced sexual assault or harassment. An advocate from Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Services provide these services to LRRC. If someone seeks this support when the advocate is offsite, LRRC connects them ASAP.

• Helping people learn by doing via cooking classes in the LRRC’s kitchen. The Center works with the state SNAP program to provide classes about cooking and eating nutritious, low-cost meals.

• A popular craft group. “You’d be surprised at the beautiful crafts they produce,” said Tracey, adding that the group is looking into doing crafts with a nearby assisted living facility’s residents. “By going to other facilities, we can show this is what recovery looks like, we are not scary. It’s really important to break the stigma associated with our community however and whenever we can.”

LRRC is open 9 am to 5 pm weekdays, and there are plans to expand its hours. Visit www.lrrcbridgton.org for more information.

Beth Ellis D’Ovidio
Beth Ellis D’Ovidio
Beth D’Ovidio is a public relations/communications professional with extensive experience writing compelling content for PR, marketing, and social media. She has 20 years of experience in developing and implementing successful media strategies, plans and campaigns.

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