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Publisher’s Letter – April 2024

Issue 32

The human body is complex and complicated. 

So complex and complicated that there are millions of books available to “help” us be our best human selves; Everything from personal development and motivation to health and wellness, relationships, finance, and spirituality. “Shelf-help” is probably one of the largest sections in the bookstore due to the expansiveness of all the categories we could delve  into – especially for the curious mind.   

Embracing ourselves fully means accepting the journey of discovery, learning bit by bit what makes us thrive. We didn’t come into the world with user manuals. Learning how to take care of ourselves is a daily acceptance and practice of finding things that work in the season that we’re in. 

In this issue of Journey, we explore one area of self-help: our physical well-being. If we are feeling good physically, we are more likely to spread positivity, make a difference in our communities, and support the way we show up in the world. 

In Edwin Mccain’s personal recovery story, he talks about being properly treated for ADHD as playing a pivotal role in his sobriety. I also know from talking to him that he’s spent many days walking in our Maine woods with a good friend — and that time in nature supports physical well-being and feeds the soul like nothing else. 

Allison Stowell, dietician for the Hannaford Guiding Stars program, writes about the many ways food takes care of our bodies and minds in her article, “8 Big Ways to Nourish And Nurture Your Body Through Food.”

In the article “Healthy Bonds,” a synopsis taken from the book “The Magic of Connection” by Stephen Andrew, we share some undeniable links between social connections and health.

Thankfully, we live in a world where information and experiences can be widely shared,  allowing us to tap into lessons from others as possibilities to explore our own personal complex and complicated human body. 



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