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Recovery Allies – Spiritual Health in Recovery

Issue 31

by a Journey Contributor

A Unique Path for Each Individual

When people are recovering from addiction, spiritual health can be important. The book Recovery Allies, written by Alison Webb, dives into how different people view and use spiritual health during their recovery journey.

One of the main points in the book is that everyone experiences spirituality in their own way. For some people, spiritual practices and beliefs are a big part of their recovery process. But for others, spirituality doesn’t play a major role. The book notes that there is surprisingly little research on why spirituality is important for some people in their recovery and not for others.

In Recovery Allies, many personal stories show how spirituality can positively impact the recovery experience. For instance, a woman named Sarah talks about how spirituality has deeply influenced her life. She describes finding a sense of wonder and peace in everyday moments, even in simple tasks like washing dishes or mopping the floor.

Sarah’s story illustrates how embracing spirituality can help people find contentment and joy in the small, everyday parts of life.

The book also talks about the healing power of love and forming connections with others throughout recovery. It discusses how individuals who have gone through trauma or lost relationships due to their addiction can find comfort and hope in spiritual connections.

Alison explains that reaching out for love, building connections with others, and feeling a part of the larger universe can help people better understand their struggles with addiction. It can also help repair damaged relationships, forgive oneself and others, and move forward.

Recovery Allies gives readers a detailed and interesting look at how spiritual health is part of the recovery process. It shows us that for some people, spirituality is a crucial and personal aspect of their healing journey, while for others, it might not be as important.

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Alison Webb (Recovery Allies)
Alison Webb (Recovery Allies)
Alison Jones Webb, a public health specialist and recovery advocate, is the author of Recovery Allies: How to Support Addiction Recovery and Build Recovery-Friendly Communities. She has spoken at numerous professional meetings and is a certified prevention specialist and recovery coach.

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