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Taking Flight: EFT Tapping Could Change Your Life

Issue 33

Find out from this review just how easily EFT Tapping can change your life, even if you’re skeptical.

“I remember my first EFT Tapping session, I suffered from a debilitating fear of flying for over 20 years. Just the thought of getting on an airplane would send waves of anxiety and panic through my body. My heart would race, my palms would get sweaty, and I would start breathing rapidly.

On several occasions, I had to be helped off flights before they even took off because I was having such severe panic attacks. This phobia limited my life in many ways. I avoided air travel at all costs, which meant I missed out on family vacations and work opportunities that required travel, and I couldn’t visit friends who lived far away. I felt trapped and my world had become very small.

I tried everything to get over this fear — traditional talk therapy, anti-anxiety medication, breathing exercises, you name it. Nothing worked for very long. The fear always came creeping back with a vengeance. I was starting to resign myself to living with this phobia forever.

Then a friend told me about EFT or “tapping” as it’s sometimes called. She had used it successfully for her own anxiety issues and suggested I give it a try. At first, I was skeptical – it seemed almost too simple and a bit strange. But I was desperate, so I figured it was worth a shot.

I found Karen St. Clair online and made an appointment for a session.

On the day of my appointment, my anxiety levels were through the roof just from thinking about dealing with my flying phobia. But Karen made me feel at ease right away. She explained that EFT works by tapping on specific energy meridian points on the body [like an energy superhighway helping your body’s energy flow from one spot to another] while repeating phrases of acceptance, letting any thoughts and feelings come up and be released.

It sounds weird, but there is solid science behind why and how it works to rewire the brain.

As we started the tapping process, I began to feel a significant reduction in my anxiety and panic. We kept tapping through several rounds, dealing with not just the fear of flying itself, but also uncovering and releasing the core issue that caused my fear of flying. It was incredibly powerful and transformative. By the end of that single session, a life-long phobia that had ruled and limited me for over 20 years…was just gone.

The fear had melted away and been permanently released.

A few weeks later, I booked a flight to visit family and the experience was nothing like it used to be. I felt calm and peaceful, and I wasn’t gripped by terror at all. EFT Tapping had finally freed me and given me my life back.

I’m so grateful I discovered this amazing tool. EFT Tapping changed everything for me in such a profound way. If you suffer from any kind of phobia, anxiety, or emotional trauma, I can’t recommend EFT Tapping enough. It could truly change or even save your life like it did for me.”

Karen St. Clair
Karen St. Clair
Karen St. Clair is an accredited certified EFT International Trainer NQT, Reiki Master of Masters, best-selling author, speaker, and founder of Reiki Tap Renewal℠ and has a gift for facilitating her clients’ life-changing outcomes.

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