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This is my Bill W. plant.

by Tania Margate

I was a client in the last group in Crossroads Backcove halfway house for women before the program was discontinued. The program was slated for closure and so the plants were up for grabs.

When I saw this one I had to have it. I didn’t know when I asked for it that it was a “Bill W” but after I found it, he was all the more enticing. “Billy” waited in the foyer for so many wandering souls like mine. He welcomed us through the front door to the  beginning of a new way of life. Since then, he has parted with  numerous clippings to various people in recovery.

I hope they teach their new owners what I’ve learned from my “Billy.”

1. Recovery is beautiful
2. Even if all your leaves fall off there is still hope…cut off what is no longer useful (even if it’s to the dirt), get back to your roots, and be sure to get adequate food and water.
3. Too much food, water and sunshine can be just as detrimental as not enough.
4. Blemished leaves are a part of life.

So, that’s my buddy. He’s been with me for every move since leaving Crossroads 7 years ago.

I love this plant!

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