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The Weiss Method : Using Energy to Help Break Unhealthy Habits

Issue 25

The reasons behind unhealthy relationships with alcohol are as unique as each human, so it makes sense that treatment shouldn’t be “one size fits all.”

If you’ve tried to quit through a 12-step program or via another conventional path but haven’t found success, the Weiss Method may be the alternative solution that is a better fit for you.

Using a light touch and energy, the Weiss Method practitioner works one on one with a client to interrupt an unwanted habit at its root cause. This natural healing method has helped thousands of people around the world quit alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, harmful drugs, refined sugars and other substances without medication, hypnosis, needles or negative side effects.

Most people find treatments very relaxing and effective.

“It was like a release – I no longer have that inner craving that overcomes your rational thinking,” said Kevin O’Grady of Portland, who successfully made use of Weiss Method treatments to stop both drinking and smoking.

“It [the treatment] turned that switch off. I now have control over that inner drive.”

Compulsive use of alcohol or another substance is almost always a symptom of underlying imbalances in our lives that create a dependency cycle – a physically and emotionally driven cycle that takes control of our intentions, our will and eventually, our health.

With drinking, for example:

• We feel the urge to drink alcohol (consciously or not).

• We continue to drink to satisfy our immediate needs.

• We regret the decision.

Weiss Method practitioners emphasize the importance of having a strong internal motivation to stop the unwanted habit. A person seeking help needs to have decided that they want to let go of their dependency to gain control of their life.

Weiss Method at a glance

The Weiss Method is a noninvasive, energy-based treatment for unwanted habits that calms down cravings to allow a person to regain control of their life.

• The goal is to interrupt the cycle at the root cause.

• It’s not a medication – it’s all-natural.

• For alcohol cessation, it typically takes four treatments, one week apart, done remotely or in person with a Weiss Method practitioner.

• The first session includes a pretreatment conversation and takes about 90 minutes; subsequent treatments are about 45 minutes each.

• Support calls are provided between treatments.

Elizabeth Hamill
Elizabeth Hamill
Elizabeth Hamill found the Weiss Method to quit nicotine and from that experience, trained in Germany to become a Weiss Method Certified Practitioner. As a Certified Life Coach, she is passionate about helping others reach their highest potential by overcoming the impediments that hold them back.

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