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Are You Surviving Or Thriving?

Issue 12

Choose the perspective that supports you

There’s a big difference between surviving and thriving. As a human being you are wired for surviving in this physical world – biologically, emotionally, and mentally. As a spiritual being you are designed to thrive as an integral part of the nonphysical or energetic realm. Together, you are one whole being – the integration of human and spirit, matter and energy.

As evidenced by your presence on this earth, you’ve mastered surviving. That said, surviving is not always easy, in fact it can be downright tough. Your growth, healing, learning, ups and downs are ever-changing. As you evolve throughout your life, change ensues – whether you want it to or not. Impermanence exists. The choice to embrace or resist life’s natural ebb and flow is yours. Either way, you’re wired to survive.

I happen to be one of those people who like change.

It reminds me of my power to choose – thoughts, feelings and actions.

It creates challenges I view as pathways to discovery, progress and success. For others, change is not so welcome nor as easily embraced.

As with everything, both perspectives are valid, both have purpose, and both offer opportunities for growth. Regardless of whether you like change, it happens anyway. Preparation for what’s to come, even if it’s a simple understanding that change is inevitable, helps to solidify your foundation for thriving.

You’ll recognize thriving when you experience things such as resilience, passion, a sense of purpose, compassion (for yourself and others), trust/faith, drive, inner harmony, confidence, self-worth, and knowing you are enough simply because you exist.

From this refortified foundation that thriving induces, you’ll reconnect to your inner clarity, intuition, acceptance, wisdom, and personal power thereby facilitating the choices which most support your core essence, goals and dreams, even if those choices must be made multiple times to get it right – right for your unique journey and purpose.

So, as you live forward, honor your ever-changing world by supporting yourself in mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Honor your ‘I Am-ness’. Know, regardless of the outcome of your choices, you are not broken and your very presence is a gift to the world.

Your individual light, your unique shining essence has purpose and meaning. You are a gift. Let your light shine and keep it shining regardless of what takes place in the world around you.

You are enough just as you are and have been since birth. The world needs you … in fact, the world deserves YOU, in your most genuine form. So, nurture grace, embrace your imperfections and step into thriving!

Below are some practices to go from surviving to thriving:

  • Acknowledge the ways you’ve engineered surviving in this physical world with regard to matters such as home, finances, conveniences and luxuries, food, health, people and support systems. In your opinion, do you survive well enough?
  • Embrace the ways you already thrive: self-worth, your connection to the cosmos, compassion for yourself and others, self nurturing, spiritual practices, your ability to manifest and reach your goals, enhancement of your metaphysical abilities such as intuition, inner knowing, wisdom and energetic influence.
  • Envision, imagine, and focus your energy on more ways to thrive, such as new types of personal and professional successes, fulfilled dreams, fresh goals and visions for yourself and the world.

Go for the unimaginable!

Irrespective of how you measure your surviving and thriving, honor yourself and your extraordinary powers and gifts as a human-spirit being.

Kimble Greene
Kimble Greene
Kimble Greene PhD, Founder and Chief Catalyst at Catalyst Enterprises Worldwide, LLC is an author, transformation catalyst, strategic consultant and developer of The Monarch Method™ for personal transformation. www.drkimblegreene.com

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