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Kathy Moser

Kathy Moser
Kathy Moser is the Founder and Director of Music for Recovery, an award-winning songwriter, and teaching artist with over twenty years of experience in the mental health field. She founded Music for Recovery in 2009 to help people use music to develop recovery skills. She has served as faculty at the Rutgers’ Summer School of Addiction Studies, The Rutgers Arts in Prevention Program, New England Institute of Addiction Studies, as the Arts and Culture writer for Recovery Campus Magazine and has hosted a weekly podcast on creativity and recovery for City of Angels Recovery Radio. A 2016 study of Music for Recovery by the Recovery Research Institute at Harvard Medical School found that her work helps to instill a sense of cohesion and hope and catharsis. (Dr. John Kelly, et al) In 2015 she became the Music Program Director at Daytop NJ. She greatly expanded the program, attracted over $100,000 in donations, national press coverage, and helped Daytop win an award of excellence in addiction treatment from the NJ Mental Health Association for their Music for Recovery program. She holds certificates in Arts in Prevention, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed Care, Experiential Therapy, Pyschodrama and the Nurtured-Heart Approach as well as a BS in Music, Business and Technology from NYU. She has given hundreds of songwriting workshops and concerts nationally. The over 700 songs created in Music for Recovery workshops have been streamed over 46,000 times by clients post treatment. Music for Recovery is currently under contract with Hackensack Meridian Health, Summit Oaks Hospital and the Center for Great Expectations. Kathy is passionate about helping people through music and her vision is that every treatment center will have a clinically integrated music program.

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