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Webshrink's goal is to provide clinical insight, research news, personal stories, and expert perspectives on mental health & addiction. They are a diverse, experienced team of clinicians, researchers, and editors dedicated to answering your questions about mental health. You’ll find comprehensive support that’s original, authoritative, and trustworthy. All of the content is cited with references, fact-checked, and reviewed by a physician who is board-certified in psychiatry, addiction medicine, or both. You’ll find community, too, through the personal stories shared by everyday people to the therapeutic bridges we’ll strive to build between you and the help you seek. WebShrink…help for when life hurts. Webshrink has permitted Journey Magazine to publish articles from their website (webshrink.com) for this column. A special thank you to Dr. Ed Bilotti and his team for allowing us to amplify their work! Please visit their website - webshrink.com to learn more

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