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Is it selfish to love yourself? No way – it’s healthy!

Issue 6

When was the last time you celebrated yourself? Have you ever celebrated yourself? Wouldn’t that be egotistical? Isn’t that selfcentered? In a word … No!

In fact, the opposite is true. Celebration is about honor and appreciation, and self-honor and self-appreciation are among the most healthy and loving things you can give yourself.

Years ago, during a monthly women’s group I led, the topic of “self-love” and the difficulty so many people have practicing it came up. When asked how I celebrate myself, I,
unconsciously, began talking in a general sense about how anyone can achieve self-love. My response was a perfect example of the automatic depersonalizing we do when it comes to celebrating and loving ourselves.

The woman who asked me, persisted, asking me again, “How do you, Kimble, practice self-love?”

I was surprised to realize I was embarrassed to admit I had come to love who I am. My ability to feel and express appreciation for myself did not begin until my mid-30s. Before that, I harbored a great deal of selfjudgment and doubt, even to the point of hating who I was. As you can imagine, the way I treated myself as a result and the choices I made back then were less than healthy.

One of the things that marked my journey from self-shame to self-value was beginning to value who I was, regardless of my accomplishments, appearance and choices. Loving and accepting who
you are at your core is essential, even while recognizing that some of your choices were less than ideal.

‘To err is human, to forgive is divine’

It’s time for giving yourself the freedom to walk forward from your missteps and celebrate who you really are – a divine being of love and light!

Let’s change the sad fact that we, as loving souls, have been taught that self-love is something to be embarrassed by or ashamed of, that it is selfish to love oneself. That’s simply not true. Loving who you are at your core is essential to creating health and wellbeing – in mind, body, emotions and spirit.

At the end of our group that evening, all the women agreed to practice self-love, saying out loud, “I love you, (your name).” They decided they did not want to perpetuate the cycle of self-neglect, with themselves or their loved ones.

Begin celebrating yourself today by treating yourself with respect and practicing self-appreciation in numerous ways. Start by saying aloud on a daily basis, “I love you, (your name).” For the truth is you are lovable, you are loving – and you are love. CELEBRATE YOU!

Daily affirmations

  • I am worthy of loving kindness and respect – from myself and from others.
  • I celebrate and appreciate ME.
  • I value my Self.
  • I choose to surround myself with loving, supportive people.
  • My capacity to live well through the lens of acceptance is more powerful than the lens of fear.
  • I create grace in all aspects of my life.
Kimble Greene
Kimble Greene
Kimble Greene PhD, Founder and Chief Catalyst at Catalyst Enterprises Worldwide, LLC is an author, transformation catalyst, strategic consultant and developer of The Monarch Method™ for personal transformation. www.drkimblegreene.com

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