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Service to Self

Issue 8

Giving you the foundation to be of service to others

Typically, when we talk about being of service, we mean what we can offer or do for others, or anything outside of ourselves. And, yet, we can’t give away what we don’t already possess. Service begins with self-service, self-awareness, self-honor, and self-love – for yourself and for life. Therein lies infinite opportunity and possibility.

I’ve come to the realization that, at your core, you already have everything you need – quite simply, the power to choose how you respond to and benefit from all that life throws your way. There are times when those responses seem much more automated than others, I call those reactions. Nonetheless, choice and the ability to self govern and transform are still in your toolbox – you are both the monarch ruler and the monarch butterfly.

The Universe has a grand plan for you and, whether you believe it or not, you are guided along your pathway by a Source grander than you can imagine. That doesn’t mean you don’t have influence over the everyday details of your life. It means that believing in you and having faith in that which you cannot always see keeps you on your pathway, aligned with every upcoming opportunity for your dreams to manifest. Life and service begins with you every moment moving forward.

Have faith there is a Divine purpose to your life, that everything you have experienced and have yet to experience is offered to you by the Universe as an opportunity, leading you toward the You and the life you desire.

Stand strong in the belief that you’re as deserving of service as everyone else.

Stand strong in the belief that you’re as deserving of service as everyone else. It’s this conviction that will carry you when the earth beneath you shakes, when the very foundation of your world leans, cracks, and sometimes even falls away. Your survival depends not on the footing beneath and around you, but on the strength, the light, the divinity within you. Your greatness lies at your core, your soul center – not in the doings, things, people, and circumstances that make up your life at any given moment.

That’s why service to self must be a constant, giving you the foundation for service to others and the world. Your core, your innermost being, blossoms with nurturing, acceptance and love, as does every living thing. The primary source of that love is you.


  • Spend time exploring the wise and gracious being you are at your core – this is time hard earned and well-spent.
  • Identify 3 ways you can serve (honor, nurture) yourself and commit to doing those things daily. They can be as simple as using respectful and encouraging self-talk. They can also be as grand as you desire.
  • Begin to think of self service as self honoring instead of selfi sh. It’s kind of like the oxygen mask on an airplane, you can’t help anyone unless you put your mask on first.
  • When it comes to serving others, decide what resonates with you, set your own expectations and honor your ability to serve in both small and large ways – you bring light to the world!
Kimble Greene
Kimble Greene
Kimble Greene PhD, Founder and Chief Catalyst at Catalyst Enterprises Worldwide, LLC is an author, transformation catalyst, strategic consultant and developer of The Monarch Method™ for personal transformation. www.drkimblegreene.com

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