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There’s No Place Like Home

Issue 10

Home is the essence of you

Recently, I learned a hard yet familiar lesson – home is not the place in which I live nor the relationships in which I love. Home is deep within my core, it’s feeling comfortable in my own skin, it’s knowing who I am – attributes and faults, success and failures, strengths and weaknesses – and loving myself and my life through it all.

That’s not always easy – being at home inside yourself or loving all of who you are. It is essential however, if your goal is thriving instead of simply surviving, moving forward rather than staying stuck, growing, expanding, evolving, and living your life stretched to every corner of opportunity and experience possible.

Home is also recognizing the power deep within your core, the wisdom and capability present in you since birth. For those familiar with the movie/book The Wizard of Oz, the scope of the story focuses on the lead character, Dorothy and her fantastical journey through the land of Oz to find her way back ‘home’.

At the end, the wizard reveals to Dorothy she has had the power within her the entire time to return home and all her searching out in the world for the way home has been misguided.

You know better than anyone who you are at your core and that ‘home’ is the essence of you.

The good news is whatever your circumstances, inner and outer, you have the ability to change those with your beliefs. What you believe deep within your core, about yourself and the world, drives your experience of yourself and the world.

Modify your beliefs about the nature of home, along with all other things, and you reconstruct your self and your world. This concept of the power and influence of your beliefs is based in modern research and science, such as Epigenetics. Who you are and who you continue to become is directed by what you choose to believe. There is no place like home because it’s created by you and can be recreated as often as you choose. Home is where your heart is and there’s no place like it in the world.

Here are some practices to find your way ‘home’:

  • What does ‘home’ represent for you? Is this your belief or one that was given to you? Write down your beliefs about home then rewrite the ones you’d like to change.
  • Is how you show up in the world an authentic representation of who you really are, of you who want to be? You are your most powerful when you’re ‘home’ within yourself.
  • Take an inventory of your primary beliefs, about yourself and the world, and make sure they are perspectives that resonate with you. If not, change them!

By replacing the outdated scientific theories that our bodies and our lives are driven by our genes and DNA, modern science has returned the power to create the self and life you desire to you by establishing beliefs as the driving force for creating and recreating your world.

Go for it!


Kimble Greene
Kimble Greene
Kimble Greene PhD, Founder and Chief Catalyst at Catalyst Enterprises Worldwide, LLC is an author, transformation catalyst, strategic consultant and developer of The Monarch Method™ for personal transformation. www.drkimblegreene.com

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