About Us

Hi! We’re Journey Magazine!

We envision a world where options for recovery are known and accessible.

A world where people are celebrated for reclaiming lives from addiction and positively impacting those around them.

Journey is devoted to amplifying and promoting a changed narrative about addiction – from a message of despair and hopelessness to a very distinct and compelling message about hope, help and solutions.

We focus on positive, inspiring stories, community based programs and available solutions.

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Hi – I’m Carolyn Delaney and the founder of Journey

We are a privately-held independent company on a mission to make recovery from addiction visible.

I’ve been in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction since February 12, 1993. After spending 25 years leading IT departments, I launched Journey Magazine with a group of friends because in order for addiction stigma to be reduced, recovery needs to be more visible – and it’s time for advancements in technology and communication platforms be used to make it more visible.

Journey Magazine was launched in March 2019 by a team of people who saw an opportunity to use media, marketing and publishing to amplify a message of hope about addiction recovery.

We’re a print magazine distributed throughout the State of Maine with a digital and social media presence devoted to changing the narrative about addiction to a hope-filled conversation about recovery. Our unique message focuses on solutions as we choose to spotlight organizations, businesses and programs who support the path for people recovering from substance use disorder.

With over 26 million people in recovery, we saw an opportunity to make these inspiring stories more visible, to promote the free community-based mutual aid recovery programs and to make available resources more accessible.

We’re a group of passionate and optimistic hope ambassadors who want to make a difference in the world and as a team, we have shared common values:

  • Transformation: We know that change is not only possible, but probable
  • Inclusivity: We respect and value all humans and recovery paths
  • Optimism: We have a positive outlook on life

As the founder, I’m incredibly grateful for all the people who have come together to get the magazine to the printer every other month.

Our team is made up of people in recovery, recovery allies and industry professionals wanting to say loud, clear, bold and repeated that we can & do recover.

  • Mary Atwood
  • Brian Delaney
  • Susan Axelrod
  • Niki Curtis
  • Roz Applebaum
  • Gale Clifford
  • Nancy Wolach
  • Peter Rosasco
  • Carole Fontaine