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Journey launched in 2019 to make recovery from addiction visible by people in recovery and allies. Our mission is to change the narrative about addiction. We amplify hope by making recovery lives, programs and resources more visible. 

We believe that by making recovery more visible, more real, more accessible it will make the conversation more approachable.  

We know that reducing stigma takes awareness, education and information and we aim to provide that with our hope-filled, inspiring, solution oriented magazine. 

We’re intent on bringing the message to our communities and meeting people where they’re at …  online, coffee shops, lunchrooms, car dealerships, healthcare waiting rooms, laundromats, grocery stores, colleges, hotels, transportation hubs and

… in their mailboxes!

Our core values are: 

  • Inclusivity: We respect and value all humans and recovery paths.
  • Optimism: We have a genuine positive outlook on life.
  • Transformation: We believe change is possible.

Our Tone & Voice 

Personal and community recovery stories are inspirational and aspirational, and our voice, our personality, is hopeful, positive and inspiring.

Our Readers

Journey is for adults who are either seeking or in recovery, affected others (friends and families) and recovery allies, organizations and businesses that support recovery efforts.

Our Circulation 

We print at least 10,000 copies 6x a year and distribute them to grocery stores, local businesses, prisons, jails, sober houses, healthcare facilities in Maine and New Hampshire.

Editorial Content

Our editorial content focuses on several key areas: 

    • Personal recovery stories:  individuals, personal recovery milestones, lessons, etc.
    • Community interest stories:  grassroots, community stories about groups, coalitions, etc.
    • Mutual-aid recovery programs:  community-based, mutual-aid groups
    • Well-being articles:  financial, spirituality, nutrition, brain science, physical, prevention
    • Recovery resources:   book reviews, local/nationwide support organizations

Our consistent editorial calendar: 

  • Feb/March   Spiritual Well-being
  • April/May   Mental Well-being 
  • June/July   Physical Well-being
  • August/September   Social Well-being
  • October/November   Financial Well-being
  • December/January   Emotional Well-being

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