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Students Empowered to End Dependency

A local teen-based initiative is on a mission to elevate community messaging about the dangers of chemical dependency

In one way or another, chemical dependency can and does affect us all. Visible recovery stories help us understand that this disease does not discriminate.

Students Empowered to End Dependency is an effort by students and adults in five Maine school systems (Bath, Gorham, Scarborough, Windham, & Yarmouth) to develop methods, through a variety of projects, to raise awareness of the impact of dependency on the ability to achieve one’s highest potential.

Their current project, according to Scarborough Senior, Ashton Record, is the production of a fact-based, professional documentary from the perspective of youth on the effect of substance use.

Local videographer Reggie Groff will direct and will introduce stories from the recovery community, focusing on how those stories illuminate the “disease model” of dependency.

The film will highlight how the normalization of drugs and alcohol creates a false impression that substance use is an expected right-of-passage that expands our freedoms, when the reality is clearly the opposite.

The goal is to reduce the stigma associated with dependency and encourage anyone who may be struggling to seek help because recovery from drugs and alcohol is achievable.

They’ll include some of the methods and organizations that provide support and highlight the ongoing efforts in the communities that promote healthy lifestyles and help us find positive and natural ways to elevate ourselves.

Bottom Line Message: We don’t need drugs and alcohol to achieve great things!

For more information, or if you’d like to support their efforts, contact Dave Packhem at dpackhem@pfnmeats.com or call 207-415-7670

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