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Maine’s Recovery Community Center Offers Hope and Free Services

Issue 33

Recovery Community Centers (RCCs) play a unique and important role in helping people find and sustain long-term recovery from substance use disorders.

Often a bridge between treatment and living a new substance-free life, RCCs ensure that people have a place to connect with others in recovery, find support and resources, and have opportunities to volunteer and help others.

RCCs provide a space for a variety of mutual-aid groups to meet, offer free support to people in recovery, and provide free individualized recovery coaching.

But it’s not all hard work… recovery community centers also host social activities and events that are FUN and creative. Karaoke, dances for young people, art nights, yoga, and open mics are just some of the offerings that help bring back joy and happiness that’s often lost in active addiction.

Giving up substances can feel as though life will never be fun again. At recovery community centers, people can discover a variety of social and wellness opportunities that enhance their recovery.

Friends and families matter, too. RCCs offer support groups for families and help with finding treatment and resources for their loved ones. Just as addiction affects the whole family, so does recovery. The centers celebrate and welcome families and friends.

RCCs are run by people in recovery. Our volunteers and staff know what it’s like and know how to help.

To find a center near you, visit www.portandrecovery.org or call Portland Recovery Community Center at 207-553-2575.

Leslie Clark
Leslie Clark
Leslie M. Clark, MSW serves as executive director of Portland Recovery Community Center (PRCC). Leslie speaks openly as a person in long-term recovery to help reduce stigma and advocate for resources and effective public policy.

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