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Botanical Mocktails

Issue 28

A Medicinal Spin on Sipping

Maine’s very own Botanically Curious invites us to embrace nature in the most delightful, accessible, and affordable manner.

You may have heard of mocktails – those non-alcoholic mixed beverages that are becoming a fun trend. A trend that’s not simply about going alcohol-free, but part of a greater movement known as the “sober curious” crowd. It’s about seeking novel ways to socialize, have a blast, and feel good, all without the need for a drop of alcohol. The botanical mocktails from Botanically Curious not only bring this unique experience to your table but also offer the added boon of bolstering your body’s essential functions!

Imagine an environment that prompts you to view mocktails not just as a drink, but as an opportunity to learn something new, to enhance your health, all while sharing a laugh with your friends. These restorative and hydrating mocktails can round off your wellness activity, like yoga, or be crafted in the comfort of your home, offering a more personalized touch.

Here’s a simple, herbalist-approved recipe to kick-start your journey to health and wellness!

If you find your interests piqued by this, Botanically Curious offers a variety of experiences tailored to your taste…

  • Tea Blending Workshops
  • Outdoor Herb School for Children
  • Tisane Tasting
  • Wellness Consultations & Herbal Profile
  • Mocktail Tastings
  • Foraging Focused Nature Walks

Just follow @botanicallycurious on Instagram for a wealth of tips and insider knowledge. Their custom, organic tea blends and bath soaks are also available online at BotanicallyCurious.com.

After-Dinner Blue Ginger Fizz Mocktail

This sweet and spicy, blue and purple mocktail is the showstopper at any garden party. It marries the soothing effects of mint and the digestive power of ginger to create a drink you’ll love!


15 fl oz carbonated water or ginger beer, chilled

8 fl oz Hibiscus tea, chilled

1 – 4oz bottle ginger tincture

2 cups fresh blueberries

1 fresh lemon, sliced

2 mint leaves

Paula Kersch
Paula Kerschhttps://botanicallycurious.com/about-us
Paula Kersch, owner and head herbalist at Botanically Curious is dedicated to connecting with the local community through collaboration and community service. Attend a class taught by Paula or one of the many wonderful community partners who bring their expertise to the table!
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