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Celebrate the little achievements that drive your big ones

Issue 6

Why is it so easy for many of us to celebrate holidays and our “big” successes but we have trouble acknowledging our smaller everyday successes?

Celebrating holidays has always been a favorite pastime of mine, partly due to presents (Christmas/Valentine’s Day/ Easter), partly due to candy (Halloween/Easter) and partly because celebrating is simply fun! We get to take off our work hats for a bit and just enjoy ourselves. And it’s always come naturally to celebrate my “big” successes, like having a child or publishing my first book.

But what about the more prevalent, everyday actions that keep me on track and lead to bigger successes?

I know I’m not the only one who has difficulty acknowledging, let alone celebrating, these smaller steps.

I’ve noticed a small voice inside that pushes me to keep plugging away at my goals but never wants to pause and acknowledge the awesome things I’m doing to get closer to my big visions. It’s as if this part doesn’t want me to feel too good about myself, or my everyday accomplishments, for fear I might become lazy and give up my ambitions.

While I certainly don’t think it’d be helpful to stop and celebrate every day after every action, I’ve noticed that on days I do acknowledge my hard work, I feel different – more energized, accomplished and fulfilled.

It is, like the cliché goes, about the journey, not the destination. When we fail to pause and acknowledge our little successes, we’re much more likely to experience fatigue and burnout. But when we make it a point to stop to celebrate small things (whether that means treating ourselves to a special meal, having a mini dance party with ourselves or lighting a candle and breathing), we fuel our inner fire, giving us far greater energy as we continue forward on our path.

I’ve recently made it a goal to appreciate myself every day and to celebrate my success every week. This has made me happier and more confident and allows me to work with greater focus, energy and productivity.

I invite you to consider growing an attitude of appreciation and celebration toward your everyday successes. You may find that this simple shift of perception amplifies all the amazing work you’re doing in the world – personally

Robyn Wiley
Robyn Wiley
Robyn Wiley is an author, strategic intervention life coach and reiki master teacher.
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