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Considering an Employer?

Issue 29

Is an Ideal Workplace Even on Your Radar?

by Dick Dyer, APR, Rachel Knight from Destination Occupation, and John Lewis from Synergy Workforce Solutions – all volunteering as the workforce development arm of the Manufacturers Association of Maine.


No one’s journey in life is exactly the same. We all have individual experiences and desires that impact us in different ways. These factors influence our perceptions and our decision-making. For many, the journey to a desired destination, like employment, is very personal.

A career in the trades can offer a world of possibilities for those considering a new path.

These careers provide stable income, a physically active, hands-on environment, and opportunities to work with tools/machines, solve problems, and see a final product or project come to completion. In addition, you don’t have to take work home, and you have a chance to master valuable skills.

By choosing a trade, you open doors to a fulfilling and rewarding career path. From electricians to carpenters, plumbers to welders, the options are diverse, and the demand is high.

Once you identify a company you’d like to work with, it’s up to you to check it out and remember that the interview process is a two-way street. This is your chance to ask all the questions about what’s important to you and make sure this potential company is a fit for you.

Your exploration of potential employers should serve as a roadmap for your career journey. The best “guides” in this journey are your individual needs and you get to define your “IDEAL.”

The first step is awareness.

If you know nothing about a company, your journey might take you in a different direction, perhaps towards one of their competitors. Once you’re aware, think about what makes that company or role so appealing that you’d want to be a part of it.

Assessing an employer through their recruitment efforts is a crucial step for potential employees to determine if the company aligns with their values, career goals, and work preferences.

Here are some key ways to evaluate an employer through their recruitment efforts:


Job Postings and Descriptions

Pay attention to the job postings and descriptions. A well-crafted job posting helps you envision the type of role you’re applying for. Can you see yourself doing this job at this company?


Company Website

Visit the company’s official website. Look for an “About Us” or “Company Culture” section. This can provide information about the company’s history, mission, values, and culture. A company that shares this information is often proud of its identity and is more likely to be transparent. Videos provide a great way to see the culture of the company and answer: What is it like to work there?


Online Presence

Check the company’s presence on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Review employee profiles, especially those in similar roles. This can give you insights into the backgrounds and career progression of current employees.


Employee Reviews

Research employee reviews on websites like Glassdoor or Indeed. Pay attention to both positive and negative feedback. While individual experiences can vary, common themes in reviews can provide valuable insights into the company’s strengths and weaknesses.


Recruitment Process

Assess the recruitment process itself: Is it organized, respectful of your time, and transparent? How are you treated during interviews and communications with the company’s representatives? A positive recruitment experience often reflects a company’s commitment to its employees.



Analyze how the company communicates with you throughout the recruitment process. Prompt and respectful responses to your queries and concerns indicate good communication practices within the organization.


Benefits and Perks

Review the benefits and perks offered by the company. Competitive compensation, healthcare, retirement plans, and additional perks like flexible work arrangements or professional development opportunities can be indicators of a company’s commitment to employee well-being.


Interview Questions

Pay attention to the questions asked during interviews. Do they focus solely on your qualifications, or do they also inquire about your values and goals? Thoughtful interview questions can reveal the company’s priorities.


Reference Checks

If possible, reach out to current or former employees for informal discussions about their experiences. They may provide candid insights into the company’s culture and work environment.

By defining your ideal role AND workplace, and by using these strategies, you’ll be able to figure out if a particular company is the right destination on your career journey.

If you’re an employer and would like to find out more on how Destination Occupation and Synergy Workforce Solutions can help you attract the right candidates, please email or

Manufacturers Association of Maine
Manufacturers Association of Maine
Dick Dyer, APR, Rachel Knight from Destination Occupation, and John Lewis from Synergy Workforce Solutions – all volunteering as the workforce development arm of the Manufacturers Association of Maine.

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