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Letter From the Publisher Issue #19

“All that mattered in that moment was that I no longer believed that I could help me. In that moment, a spark of hope transformed into action.”

These powerful, important words from Niki’s article, Disbelief to Belief, really resonated with me.

Hope is that thing that tells me I don’t need to know how things are going to work out … just that they will; and my faith holds me steady while I take some action.

In this issue, we share stories about action taken. From Amy Paradysz, A Cultural Connection Drives Personal Transformation, is an inspirational story about Steven Knockwood, who, once he aligned his actions with his culture, found some ease in his recovery journey. Our Couples in Recovery column is about taking action in relationships to start the conversation.

Jacqueline Brown’s article, Making It Work for Employees in Recovery, provides information for employers to consider how hiring people in recovery may be helpful to relieve some of the high job vacancy rates, and is also great for their culture over the long term.

Our goal is to provide a spark of hope … maybe even amplify it because hope implies that there is a possibility of a better future, one that can provide a compelling vision and shine a light for those looking for a way out.

We can and do recover.

With immense gratitude,


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