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Issue #31 Publisher’s Letter

Issue 31

As we celebrate our 5th year as a media company, our mission remains unchanged: to make recovery from addiction more visible to more people, in more places.

We are a team of individuals with personal experiences, using media, marketing, and publishing to work towards a future where recovery is widely accessible, understood, and celebrated.

Since February 2019, we’ve known that addiction is treatable, recovery is possible, and help and support are available. It saddened us that more people didn’t know these facts. As a group, we set out to change that.

We’re excited to introduce some new team members who are helping us amplify this message of hope. Lisa-Marie Marr has joined us with a focus on Operations & Special Projects as we continue to grow. Karen Morton-Clark will lead our Partnerships & Engagement efforts. Karen’s deep understanding of recovery advocacy, her commitment to community engagement, and her experience facilitating events will be instrumental in helping us expand our reach and deepen our impact.

Lisa-Marie contributed her first article, titled, ‘Finding a Path to Spirituality,’ where she shared her exploration of various paths and offered some free resources for you to explore. As I finished reading her article, I reflected on my own spiritual connection journey, which certainly hasn’t been a linear path.

During my initial twenty years in recovery, I had a deeply personal relationship with a higher power. It was so personal that I never used to say ‘I’ll pray for you’ because I believed my god was too occupied with my issues; they were ‘busy.’

Over the past decade, my concept has expanded, and my higher power is now ‘bigger,’ allowing me to pray for others. I nurture this connection through a daily practice I call my ‘bench’ mornings. I find a scenic spot by the water, where I sit, breathe, pray, meditate, and write. It’s a commitment I make to myself, as I sense the presence of a higher power by the water, and the act of sitting reinforces the action I take to nourish this connection.

In this issue, we invite you to explore and nurture your own concept of spirituality as we share both personal experiences and ideas.

Enjoy your journey!


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