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Issue #5 Publisher’s Letter


To get completely clear on what we mean by giving this latest Journey issue a ‘“community theme,” I decided to look up the word “community.”

It can refer to “a group of people living in the same place.” And another definition describes community as “a feeling of fellowship for a group of people who come together as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.”

This started me thinking about the various communities I’ve been a part of, especially since starting on a recovery path. My world definitely expanded when I started my recovery and certainly has broadened since I stepped into new places and spaces as the publisher of a magazine.

From my first community in recovery – living at a women’s “halfway house” (Evodia) back in 1993 – to the community created by gathering a team of great people who want to Amplify Hope by publishing Journey – and everything in between – I’ve been incredibly blessed to be able to grow as a result of being part of each one of the communities I’ve experienced.

Personal growth is a necessity for me as I venture into new circles and new communities because it requires me to be open to self-reflection on how I’m showing up. David Lee’s column (See page 16) about a courageous conversation we shared shines a light on how, when we’re in community with people we care about, we’re able to summon courage to speak freely about things that are bothering us and how that deepens our connections.

Communities have the power to strengthen the connective tissue between us humans and can help us feel encouraged, supported and loved.

It’s been absolutely heartwarming to learn about and highlight the outpourings of support from Maine communities that are helping people in recovery in so many ways. Through Journey, we’re able to shine a light on organizations and businesses that come together to make places like the Bangor Area Recovery Network in and Portland Recovery Community Center so successful.

The team of people that comes together to share passion, ideas, compassion and skills to get Journey to the printer every issue is truly amazing; the energy generated by the dozen or so of us that meet each week keeps me motivated with a full heart and drive, and I’m grateful for every single member of my Journey community.

Whatever community is working for you today, celebrate it and cherish it – and know that it’s stronger because you’re showing up as yourself and adding to it.

Sober sister hugs,

Carolyn Delaney, Publisher

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