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Kindred Spirits Camp

Issue 21

Built on compassion, sustained with love

In 1982, prompted by a vision to build a supportive community for all types of recovering people, Stephen Andrew started “Recovery Camp” at the Rowe Camp and Conference Center in Western MA.

Looking to build an opportunity for adults to have summer camp again, he built the camp on empathy and compassion as a chance for adults to let the inner childs play and heal.

In 1989 the name of the camp was changed to Kindred Spirits to be more inclusive of all people seeking to grow, heal, evolve and participate in a healthy community. Kindred Spirits has maintained its 12 step roots with 12 step principles being interwoven into the lifeshops and 12 step meetings available every evening.

Kindred Spirits explores concepts like radical aliveness, asking for what you need, family of choice, finding your voice, and finding yourSELF as a new way of being in the world and in recovery.

Providing “life” shops like deep healing experiences, breathwork, arts and crafts, hiking, outrageous play, spirituality, yoga and so much more; these experiential lifeshops combined with dances, a talent optional show, tubing down the river provide an opportunity to connect our hearts through play, music and song.

Many campers have been coming every year for decades, and new campers are welcomed with open arms and open hearts.

Stephen had the vision that community will heal our childhood wounds, and I have to say that after participating in Kindred Spirits camp since 2006, that has been true for me!

It has truly taken my recovery and relationships to the next level.

Give yourself the gift of joining us this August 22nd-27th Kindred-Spirits/




Wendy Jensen
Wendy Jensen
Wendy is a licensed clinical social worker and energy healer. She has been coming to Rowe since 1983, first as a Sr High camper, and then to Kindred Spirits since 2006. Wendy has a passion for healing in all its forms, and for helping to create sacred space for that healing to take place within. She is an environmental activist, artist, and writer.

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