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Recovery Community Center Corner

Issue 21

Amistad’s Bath Recovery Community Center has a lot to be grateful for and excited about as we head towards another coastal Maine summer.

We have loved our beautiful Recovery Center on the river in Bath, but we learned last year that we would need to find a new home base for our support of recoverees in the region.

The great news is that we have signed a lease on a new and larger Recovery Center that is just around the corner, and that will offer us the opportunity to provide even more for our friends and allies in recovery in Sagadahoc County. The new BRCC space will open in early June. Look for a Grand Opening announcement on our Facebook page!

Around the same time that we’ll be moving into our new space, the BRCC will be playing a leading role in the launching of Amistad’s new Mid-Coast Overdose and Infection Initiative. This is a two-year Initiative that is being funded by Maine Health Access Foundation, through their Systems Improvement and Innovation Responsive Grants program. The Initiative will aim to assess and address resource and healthcare gaps for individuals actively using substances in the mid-coast region, and will intersect with and complement the work of the BRCC and the communities of Sagadahoc County in ways that we are incredibly excited to explore.

What we are most excited about, and grateful for, is the culture of transcendence and strength that is emerging within the community of recoverees who utilize our Recovery Center in various ways. It is so powerful to share space with people who are not content with just being in recovery, but who are energetically pursuing healthy lifestyles and personal growth. It is a beautiful emergence to witness and be part of, and we are grateful beyond words.

Brian Townsend
Brian Townsend
Executive Director, Amistad

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