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The Weiss Method Issue #26

How Energy Works In The Body

Understanding how things work energetically in your body can support you in winning your life back from unwanted habits. The Weiss Method sees our bodies as complex and highly trainable with five energetic systems: the Thinking Center, the Moving Center, the Instinctual Center, the Emotional Center and the Sexual Center.


1. Thinking Center – Generally linked with our brain

2. Moving Center – Energetically based in our stomach

3. Instinctual Center – Keeps us safe

4. Emotional Center –Connections with others and ones compassionate wisdom

5. Sexual Center – Connected with creativity on an energetic level

All five centers play a big part in our life and serve higher functions.

Focusing on the Moving Center

This is where we train different habits. Anything we do repeatedly, like riding a bicycle, actually gets lodged or remembered in the Moving Center. As such, it is one of the “ringleaders’’ of unwanted habits and addictive cycles. The Weiss Method practitioners believe that when you become conscious of what is behind your actions – the energies and systems at play –you then have more tools to keep your life on track and headed in a healthy direction, away from substance dependency. or remotely and you don’t need to understand how energy works in the body for it to work.

The method considers how all our experiences in life are lodged in unseen parts of our bioenergetic field, or aura. Everything that has a metabolic process gives off energy, and the energy of unwanted habits can create clutter in our aura that needs to be cleared. By cleaning and rebalancing one’s energetic centers, there is an opportunity to make better choices.

A few ways you can cleanse yourself energetically is through exercise and showering on the physical level. More importantly, on an energetic level, knowing what you want in life also plays a huge part in keeping one’s life on course.

The Weiss Method can interrupt the cycle of an unwanted habit by energetic cleansing and rebalancing. Energetic healing works on the principle that the root cause of all illnesses is disturbances in the bioenergetic field and also the electromagnetic processes inside the body, including the organs.

By cleaning and rebalancing the bioenergetic field, along with using a light touch, practitioners are able to access the inner systems of the body via meridian lines—the energetic highways mapped in traditional Chinese medicine—to cleanse and rebalance you at the root cause.

Treatments can take place in-person or remotely and you don’t need to understand how energy works in the body for it to work.

While there is a responsibility after a treatment to allow things to settle, the real key to a successful Weiss Method treatment is the desire to let go of an unwanted habit and take full advantage of a fresh start.

Journey Team
Journey Team
The Journey Team is made up of writers, gatherers, creators and people with a passion to make recovery from addiction visible.

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