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The Weiss Method : How Energy Works In The Body

Issue 26

Understanding how things work energetically in your body helps support winning your life back from unwanted habits. It’s a multilayered concept, and this is a basic overview of one aspect: the Five Energetic Systems. These include:

1. Thinking Center – Located in our brain

2. Moving Center – Energetically based in our stomach

3. Instinctual Center – Keeps us safe

4. Emotional Center –Connection with others and one’s purpose

5. Sexual Center – Connected with creativity on an energetic level

These centers play a big part in our life, not only serving higher functions but interacting with each other to assist with our many systems to enhance our life-force energies. However, without a strong focus or direction in life, these centers can do the opposite, robbing us of vital energy needed to live life in a full, healthy and progressive way. For this article, we’ll focus on one center most connected to addictions:

The Moving Center is where our different habits live. Anything we do repeatedly, like riding a bicycle, gets lodged or remembered in the Moving Center. Because of this, it’s one of the ‘ringleaders’ of addictive cycles and dependencies.

Many people believe that when you become conscious of what’s behind your actions — energies and systems at play — you’ll have more conscious tools to keep your life on track, headed in a healthy and productive direction and away from substance use disorder of any form (including alcohol, harmful drugs, nicotine and industrialized refined sugars.)

The Weiss Method considers how all our experiences in life are lodged in unseen parts of our bioenergetic field, or aura. Everything that has a metabolic process gives off energy, and the energy of unwanted habits can create ‘clutter’ in our aura. This clutter can be cleaned and rebalanced, to provide space for better choices and a clear platform for a person to take charge of their life.

One way a person can keep clean energetically is through exercise, which clears away the ‘cobwebs’ and stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators. Also, the simple act of showering, especially before bed, to wash away unwanted debris picked up during the day, can also help to keep the bioenergetic field clean. On another level and maybe even more importantly, knowing what you want in life also plays a huge part in keeping on course and moving in one’s chosen direction, rather than getting distracted by what the world can throw at us.

If an unwanted habit or addiction has taken over and a person needs help, the Weiss Method treatment can interrupt the cycle of an unwanted habit by energetically cleansing and rebalancing the many systems of our complex body.

Energetic healing works on the principle that the root cause of illnesses is disturbances and blockages in the bioenergetic field and electromagnetic processes inside the body.

By cleaning and rebalancing the bioenergetic field, along with using a light touch to clean and rebalance vital organs accessed via meridian lines—energetic highways mapped in traditional Chinese medicine—the treatment gives people the fresh start they need to regain control.

Treatments can take place in-person or remotely and you don’t need to fully understand how energy works in the body for it to work for you. The real key to a successful Weiss Method treatment is the desire to let go of the dependency and find new ways to live life without it and replace long-held moving Center patterns with beneficial life choices that allow one’s life to flourish.

To request a free consultation to see if the Weiss Method might be for you or to check out our video and podcast on ‘How Energy Works in the Body’, go to https://weissmethodusa.com.

Elizabeth Hamill
Elizabeth Hamill
Elizabeth Hamill found the Weiss Method to quit nicotine and from that experience, trained in Germany to become a Weiss Method Certified Practitioner. As a Certified Life Coach, she is passionate about helping others reach their highest potential by overcoming the impediments that hold them back.

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