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Three Health Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Issue 26

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, researchers and leaders in addiction treatment (like Groups) find the most effective way to overcome substance use disorders is through medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combined with group therapy and community support.

Here are three health benefits highlighted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse that show why many people consider MAT the gold standard for people looking to recover from substance use disorders:

1. MAT lowers drug use and reduces heroin overdose deaths.

Bringing medication like Suboxone into recovery treatment helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms, heroin overdose fatalities, criminal activity, and disease transmission. In one study, overdose deaths dropped by 37% after Suboxone became available.

2. MAT helps people stay in treatment longer so they can get well.

With withdrawal symptoms controlled by Suboxone and other medications, people in recovery are more likely to remain in therapy longer. That provides more time to develop a network of peers and get the support needed to improve their health and living conditions.

3. MAT improves outcomes for pregnant people in recovery.

Recovering while pregnant is incredibly stressful, adding increased stigma and health threats to the hard work of recovery. Groups now offer sessions specifically for pregnant members in many states, providing MAT to reduce the symptoms of neonatal abstinence syndrome and connecting members with others who understand their unique challenges and fears.

Recovering from a substance use disorder is always hard. Groups work to make it a bit easier with medication-assisted treatment, community building, and Recovery Support Specialists combining to deliver real, lasting recovery. Want to learn more? Visit joingroups.com today.

Dave Kostos
Dave Kostos
Dave Kostos is a writer, editor, storyteller, and the Senior Manager of Content at Groups Recover Together. In this role, he helps people around the country find lasting recovery from substance use disorders. Learn how Groups is helping thousands get their lives back from drugs at joingroups.com.

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