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Issue #11 Publisher’s Letter

As we go to print with this Family issue, I’m reflecting on the various families I have around me – my own immediate family, my birth family, my husband’s family, my recovery family, my journey family and thinking how very lucky I am.

This picture is of my most immediate family – Brian (my husband), Keagan and Shawna.

We have family game days every 2 weeks now, share a meal and play board games – usually Catan or Qwirkle.

We all enjoy board games and find fun and connection there.

I have fond memories of family game nights when they were younger … memories that, quite often, included a family pet.

When our 21 year old tabby cat, Ricky Lee, would lay across the board you can bet she was sufficiently patted by everyone; so ingrained in our family game nights, that when she passed, we had her picture on the table with us for those nights for a long, long time.

Memories, traditions and connections and … changes.

Family encompasses all that for me – the people and groups of people where I give love, compassion and support, as our world shifts and evolves.

A space where I can find refuge and experience a safeness to be me. Some recovery programs have helped shape my ability to show up as my best messy self and be able to receive that love, compassion and support in return.

David Lee’s article on honest, authentic and productive Conversations helps to explore healthier ways of communicating and Amy Paradysz’s, Family Support article shares that there’s help, hope and support for family and friends who love someone affected by addiction.

We’re grateful to share personal recovery stories from family members and a variety of recovery paths — on our mission to make recovery from addiction visible and celebrate freedom from addiction.

We get to show up for family today, whatever that “family” looks like to you.


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