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Issue #12 Publisher’s Letter

We get a second chance at life when we recover, and books can be a vehicle for expanding our possibilities.

I used to be embarrassed by how many personal development books I’ve owned over the years – hundreds, maybe even thousands. At times, I’ve not been very accepting of myself, as if a desire to grow automatically signifies that I’m not happy with myself. That was a story I sometimes told myself.

When I first got sober, my vision of what was possible for my life was very limited because my experiences and view of the world were very limited. But as I spent time with people who were more fully living their best lives, my world started to expand.

Wanting to grow, transform and evolve is part of the human condition. In early recovery days, I had to learn a lot of the basics. One thing that helped was an acronym that still works for me today – “H.A.L.T.” – Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired. It reminds us to HALT and check-in on our basic self-care needs.

My world, and my experiences, expand as I step through more and more days as a woman in recovery. Watching people around me step out of their comfort zones and into a new space for themselves encourages me, too. That includes Journey’s very own Niki Curtis, whose fi rst feature article appears in this issue – “The Search for Serenity” (page 6). I’m constantly amazed by Niki’s continuing to take on new challenges at the magazine and lean into her potential.

I’m grateful that life in recovery isn’t just about surviving this single day but being able to accept that a life second to none is actually available. Sarah Kelly explores this idea in “A Life to None: A Path from Surviving to Thriving” (page 26). Kimble Greene’s article “Are You Surviving or Thriving” (page 20) encourages us to “live forward, honoring our ever-changing world” and provides some ways to practice that.

And finally, English teacher Stephen Chabot shares his personal recovery story on how books helped in his early recovery, too (page 30).

My world is constantly expanding and I’m personally evolving and thriving because of my love of books and I hope that you too, reader, fi nd those things that help you expand your perspectives as you evolve and transform and thrive.

With Immense Gratitude,


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