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Issue #18 Publisher’s Letter

For this very last issue of 2021, our theme is transitions.

Some transitions we step up for, while other transitions are forced upon us (hello COVID), but regardless of why we find ourselves in transition, the ability to accept the reality of the situation can help us find our footing.

Transitions are ultimately about change: from one place to another. From one belief to another. From one season of our lives to another.

A transition is a break in what we know and a step towards an unknown, and along with the unknown can come grief for what was and fear of what’s next.

In 1993 I made a transition that would change my life. I entered the McAuley Residence in Portland walking in with a whole lot of fear. Six months away from drinking, my own instincts were not to be trusted and I needed structured guidance to help me with my next few steps in this new life of mine. The McAuley Residence provided that structure, and continues to do so for others today, (The McAuley Residence Provides a Safe Space for Women to Transform, p. 6).

Although I was filled with fear to make this transition, I was open to the process, and willing to accept the help that was offered—an openness and willingness I still accept in my life.

Even though we may be open and willing, we still need to know how and where to access support. In Brave the Unknown (p. 14), Carole Fontaine offers great tips on ways to navigate transitions, and Nine Recovery Tools, (Roz Applebaum’s first piece for Journey, p. 24) provides additional ideas.

Times of transition serve as a reminder that our story is not over and that chapters are still being written.

May this chapter be one of awe and joy for you.

With immense gratitude,

Carolyn Delaney

founder & publisher

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