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Certified Recovery Residence

Katahli and Daryl Blums recently got married and are in long-term recovery and business together –New Hope Alliance. They readily share their life lessons with people living in their recovery residences.

They run two Maine Association of Recovery Residences-certified houses in Sanford – a six-bed women’s and an 11-bed men’s home, along with additional housing options once a client has successfully completed their program.

Both certified houses are structured so that as residents complete a step in their recovery process, they earn more privileges. For example, at the end of Phase 1, the men write a goodbye letter to their drug of choice and read it at a house meeting.

“This is powerful and where real recovery comes from,” said Katahli. “It’s a beautiful way to get to the next phase.”

Female residents often are anxious to leave the home to rejoin their children but are encouraged to take the time they need to heal, repair relationships and learn new self-care techniques. Women in these beginning stages of recovery learn that it’s OK to say no and to set boundaries.

Katahli and Daryl agree that early recovery shouldn’t be rushed.

“Being in a safe, protected environment offers you the time to learn who you are, why you used, and what you need to truly heal,” said Daryl. “We encourage them to take all the time they need because a common pitfall we see is some decide to leave prematurely. We strive to keep them connected to the recovery community as long as possible to have the best chance at achieving true long-term recovery.”

The couple recognizes the importance of the small window of opportunity that opens when someone is inspired to act. If they have no available beds at the moment that happens, they’ll pass along contact information for other MARR-certified houses.

New Hope Alliance continues to explore ways to meet the needs of the recovery community with additional housing programs in the works.

And Katahli and Daryl are taking on another new, big joint venture this spring – they’re expecting their first child together.

Beth Ellis D’Ovidio
Beth Ellis D’Ovidio
Beth D’Ovidio is a public relations/communications professional with extensive experience writing compelling content for PR, marketing, and social media. She has 20 years of experience in developing and implementing successful media strategies, plans and campaigns.

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