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Peer Recovery Coaching Making a Difference

Issue 29

Imagine, a fresh opportunity for a whole new workforce in Maine. One that has the ability to save lives and turn personal struggles into strength.

Amid the increase in overdoses and prevalent substance use disorder in Maine’s communities, a new workforce of people in recovery trained to combat this public health crisis is helping to make a difference.

Portland Recovery Community Center (PRCC) has provided leadership to a growing network of recovery community centers with a goal to make recovery coaching available in every community.

Peer Recovery Coaches meet people where they are, support them in their personal journey and help provide the resources needed to make recovery possible.

Members of this new workforce serve as motivators, cheerleaders, and confidants to those seeking a personal path of recovery.

Since 2018, nearly 1,500 coaches have been trained statewide, a joint effort by two organizations, Portland Recovery Community Center (PRCC) and Maine Alliance for Recovery Coaching (ARC) through Healthy Acadia.

PRCC established the Maine Recovery Coach Certification Board (MRCCB) which began credentialing recovery coaches in 2021.

Two levels of credentialing are available: Registered and Certified.

MRCCB provides oversight and a Code of Ethics assuring that Peer Recovery Coaches practice with integrity and fidelity to the model. Recovery Coaches are required to have regular supervision in a specific model called Coachervision. Any trained recovery coach who has also completed the required training may apply to become registered in Maine. By agreeing to adhere to the Code of Ethics and receive Coachervision, a recovery coach can apply for state certification after providing 500 hours of coaching and receiving 25 hours of Coachervision.

In addition to serving at Recovery Community Centers, Peer Recovery Coaches can be found in hospitals, jails, treatment centers and other settings. Employers seeking to hire peer recovery coaches should consider two important factors. First, make sure that the candidate is a registered or certified coach in Maine. Employers can verify if an applicant they are considering is credentialed at peerrecoverycoachme.org/resources/

The second thing employers should consider is whether their organization is equipped to provide the required Coachervision. Coachervision is a requirement for recovery coaches to gain and keep their credentials, while providing support for the role they fill in the organization. Supervision of peer recovery coaches is different from clinical or other kinds of supervision. Coachervision classes are offered several times a year.

If you are seeking a peer recovery coach for your personal recovery journey, or wish to become one, contact Statewide Recovery Coach Coordinator Justin Reid, justin@portlandrecovery.org.

If you are seeking Coachervision for yourself or an employee, PRCC provides virtual group Coachervision statewide. Contact Kim Capone-Sprague kim@portlandrecovery.org.

For more information: peerrecoverycoachme.org.

Nicole Proctor
Nicole Proctor
Nicole Proctor is Program Director at PRCC for the Recovery Hub.

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