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Spirit Illuminated

Issue 14

Over the years, many have asked how I acquired my intuitive abilities. My answer is always the same: intuition is your sixth sense; it is the means by which your spirit speaks. Intuition, along with all your core sensory capacities, is the seat of your power and knowing. Additionally, it is through this nonphysical core essence that the ever-present wisdom of the universe guides, supports, and uplifts you.

From the moment I inquisitively opened the door to the world of energy and spirit, it sucked me in. As I began to explore the prospect of an inner spiritual existence, it wasn’t long before a divine essence emanated from and through me like sunlight as it peaks over the horizon on a clear morning. Reconnecting to my core essence ignited my curiosity and passion for life, people, nature, and all things related to living.

The exuberance and wholesomeness of it made me ache for all things natural and pure; the feel of the warm sand beneath my feet, the splendor found in exploring the forest, and the depth of love, for self and others, experienced deep within and far beyond my being. More and more life made me think hard, laugh knowingly, cry openly, wonder naively, comprehend unexpectedly, live passionately and, above all, deeply explore my own sense of self, life, and spirit.

The inherent duality of your existence on this earth—as a human and spiritual being—brings challenge as well as purpose.

Your spiritual existence is about the expression of our soul through grace, creativity, joy, wonder, service, compassion, non-judgment, and love. Your physical existence is about the expression of humanity through growth, exploration, pain, grief, trauma, angst, anguish, confusion, betrayal, inhumanity, survival, and still … love.

Life is about keeping the light on so that the darkness does not prevail.

Life is about balance, going within, having faith and loving­—first oneself and then the world.

Life is about the ability of humans to embrace their struggles and sift from them the nuggets of wisdom, higher purpose, and meaning.

Life is about the shift from surviving to thriving.

This spiritual quest has shown me the measure of a human being is how well s/he lives and loves, both as an imperfect human and as all-knowing spirit. The honor of embracing my spiritual Self and knowing the vast eminent universe has deeply and profoundly enriched and expanded my life—I wish the same for you.

Kimble Greene
Kimble Greene
Kimble Greene PhD, Founder and Chief Catalyst at Catalyst Enterprises Worldwide, LLC is an author, transformation catalyst, strategic consultant and developer of The Monarch Method™ for personal transformation. www.drkimblegreene.com

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