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Issue #21 Letter From the Publisher

Issue 21

Move a muscle, change a thought.

It’s a sentence I can sometimes access quickly when I feel stunted or stuck—either in a thought or in a pattern of behavior.

I first heard it from a wise man in a church basement many years ago—no doubt passed on to him by another wise man in another church basement.

It’s usually the invading and obsessing thoughts that have warranted this one sentence to come up again and again for me. I rarely obsess about sunflowers (and I LOVE sunflowers!)

I’ve recognized that physical movement and my physical environment play a significant role in my thoughts and my emotional well-being. Knowing full well that I can’t fix my brain with my brain and that I can’t think my way out of stuck or obsessive thinking, I’ve found a quick walk, a quick change of scenery and even sometimes just focusing on something beautiful in the room can change my perspective.

Physical movement, being actively engaged in moving a muscle, energetically shifts my thinking.

I’m thrilled to share Joanna’s story about how she shifts her thinking about kicking tobacco. A shift in thinking about her approach ultimately led her to being “smober”—nicotine-free.

Also included in this issue is The Phoenix, a national organization with a mission to build a sober active community that fuels resilience and harnesses the transformational power of connection.

I’m so excited that they’re coming to Maine. There’s such an abundance of opportunities to explore the Maine landscape and to partner with local wellness organizations to provide events for sober people—building community and well-being along the way.

With immense gratitude,


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