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Issue #23 Letter From the Publisher

Issue 23

This issue of Journey is about financial well-being and this past week, in thinking about my publisher’s letter, I was brought back to the late 80s and early 90s when my financial situation was very visible.

Back in the day, everyone in the grocery store behind me knew I was on food stamps.

It was very clear then because it was paper money, like monopoly money, and it came bound in a book, like a book of stamps … oh food STAMPS, I just got that connection!

I had to keep the book with the larger “bills” or the cashier wouldn’t accept it, so when I went to check out, I would have my book and tear off what I needed for the groceries.

Sometimes people would say mean things or I’d hear big sighs as they waited patiently for me to count out the stamps; there really was no hiding it.

But, with the approach of “no shame in my game,” I got to a place of gratitude around even those experiences. Because if it wasn’t for that type of help, I wouldn’t be able to say “I know exactly what that feels like” with a straight face to a mum talking to me about her EBT card not having enough…

Over the years, my financial situation has changed, and I have had opportunities to look at my financial well-being or my relationship with money. As Joanna talks about in Sober, Smober or $omething Else, it’s an area that, when explored, can nurture all aspects of our lives — from self-care to self-esteem to service.

Jane Honeck shares about changing our Money Dynamics and an approach that embraces acknowledgement and self-acceptance; it encourages working with ourselves and not against ourselves as we evolve and transform our financial well-being.

And this is another area where we don’t have to do it alone. There’s hope, help and support available when we can approach these new areas with an open mind and willingness.

Grateful for it all.



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